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The Ultra Honeymoon

Katie Howell & Chris Bittel

Our Story

We are so excited, that we are officially making plans for our wedding. As many of you know, we will have been together for almost 10 years when we finally tie the knot! We first met in September of 2000 in Syracuse, became really good friends, and eventually fell in love. After only knowing each other for 6 months we moved to Arizona and couldn't be more happy! We both have grown up together, and have become the best of friends!

Our Wedding

One of the best things about our wedding is that it is going to be in Las Vegas! We both decided that when we get married, we want to make it a party! We really want the focus to be HAVE A GOOD TIME! Our wedding will be at Caesar's Palace in the Venus Garden on Saturday May 22nd 2010. The ceremony starts at 3:30, please arrive no later than 3:15!

Our Reception

Our reception is going to be located at MGM Grand in the Terrace Suite starting at 6:00pm til about 8:30pm. We will have a room number as we get closer. We will be serving hors d'oeuvres and drinks, in an intimate atmosphere. Afterwards, enjoy yourselves! Hit the strip, and discover the many oppurtunities in Las Vegas!

Travel Arrangements

We know that it may be a little difficult for people to travel to Vegas, and make arrangements. Our recommendation is to check out,, or for flights and hotels. Although, if you book at any Harrah's casino hotels (Harrah's, Caesar's Palace, Paris Paris, Rio and Flamingo) and mention that you are attending our wedding you will receive 10% off.
Here are some prices that we researched off the casinos websites:
*****Caesars Palace:Classic Room: Thurs.-Sun. $192 Avg. per night totaling $575*****Paris:Luxery Room: Thurs.-Sun.$210 per night totaling $630
****Flamingo: Thurs.-Sun.$115 avg. per night totaling $345
*** Bally's: South Tower Room: Thurs.-Sun.$189 avg. per night totaling $567
***Rio: Deluxe Studio Suite: Thurs.-Sun. $100 avg. per night totaling $300
***Harrahs: Classic Room: Thurs.- Sun. $121 avg. per night totaling $365
**Imperial Palace: Capri Room: Thurs.-Sun. $77 avg. per night totaling $230
These are estimated prices checked January 10, 2010. Prices change daily, and there will be tax added. Hope this is helpful! Also, MGM Grand: ( where the reception will be held) Grand Tower Room: Thurs.-Sun. 135 Avg. per night totaling $405. There are hundreds of hotels all over the strip to choose from, that all vary in price, with cabs that will take you anywhere!

As for the weather, it will be hot! Bring swimsuits, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. it may get chilly in some of the casinos so bring a sweatshirt just in case! Las Vegas can be pretty strict about the 21 and older rule in the casinos. Keep that in mind when making plans with the kids!

We will be having bachelor/bachelorette parties on Thursday May 20th starting around 9:30-10. If you are down to have fun Las Vegas style come and join us! If you would like to attend, you can contact
Please RSVP by April 1st!

A Special Message From Us

We want to let you know that everyone that has been invited to our wedding has been a special part of our lives. We hope that if you are able to come, that you can let loose and have fun! Thanks again for everything that you do, and the memories that are sure to follow!